Philosophy & Logic: A Self-Paced Course

Professor Austen Clark
sity of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269

News and Announcements

November 30, 2015. This announcement has been added to to see if refers to the same site. If it is visible on the latter then we have a match,


1.     Course evaluation next Monday: May 1, 4 PM, in our normal lecture room. 


I’d like everyone in the class to attend, please, at least for a half hour or so.


This is the first time this course has been taught self-paced, and it is important that I get evaluation results from as many students as possible.  Lots of votes could help the course survive as a self-paced course.  There are some standard UConn forms for course evaluation that need to be filled out.  Even more importantly, I’d like to get your feedback on some features that are specific to this course.  I wrote up a questionaire with some specific questions about what could or should be done to improve the course the next time it is taught.   I take the answers to these questions very seriously, and would really like to find out what you think.  Make your voice heard!   Get a second look at our classroom!  See what the professor looks like!   It should only take a half hour.  Our normal meeting place is AS 55, starting at 4 PM. 


4/24/00: Three announcements

1.   Our final exam is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 1-3 PM, in the normal lecture room.

2.   RE-WIND SESSIONS start this week.

If you have completed tests from all six units, then in the last two test sessions, you may go back and re-take tests from ANY unit.

You have to get to the end of the tape first, before you can re-wind.

3.   Some answers to frequently asked questions about grading cutoffs and other topics are now posted on the web.