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Articles and Chapters

Spatial organization and the appearances thereof in early vision. For the 2009 University of Pennsylvania workshop on Cognitive and Developmental Factors in Perceptual Constancy, 20-22 February 2009, organized by Gary Hatfield and Sarah Allred. [portrait pdf]
Phenomenal Properties: Some models from Psychology and Philosophy. Philosophical Issues, vol 18 (2008): 406-425. Interdisciplinary Core Philosophy: The Metaphysics and Perception of Qualities. Alex Byrne & David Hilbert, section editors. [portrait pdf]
Color, Qualia, and Attention: A Non-standard Interpretation. Forthcoming in Jonathan Cohen & Mohan Matthen (eds), Color Ontology and Color Science. MIT Press. [portrait pdf]
Classes of Sensory Classification. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2008, A book symposium on Mohan Matthen's Seeing, Doing, and Knowing. [portrait pdf]
Location, Location, Location. Forthcoming in Lana Trick & Don Dedrick (eds.), Cognition, Computation, and Pylyshyn. MIT Press, 2009. Presented at the Zenon Pylyshyn Conference (ZenCon), University of Guelph, 1 May 2005. [landscape pdf] [page proofs]
Cross-modal cuing and selective attention. Forthcoming in Fiona MacPherson (ed), The Senses. Oxford University Press. Presented at the University of Glasgow conference on "Individuating the Senses", organized by Professor Fiona MacPherson, 5 December 2004. [portrait pdf]
Sensory and Perceptual Consciousness. In Max Velmans and Susan Schneider (eds) The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness, Oxford: BlackwellPublishing, 2007, 445-455. [portrait pdf]
Perception Preattentive and Phenomenal, in Paul Thagard (ed)., Handbook of Philosophy of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Dordrecht: Elsevier, 2006, pp 105-139. (This is volume 12 of the multi-volume Handbook of Philosophy of Science (eds. Dov Gabbay, Paul Thagard, and John Woods), Elsevier, 2006. [portrait pdf] [landscape pdf]
Attention and Inscrutability: A commentary on John Campbell's Reference and Consciousness. Philosophical Studies 127 (January 2006): 167-193. [landscape pdf]
Painfulness is not a Quale, in Murat Aydede (ed), Pain: New Essays on Its Nature and the Methodology of Its Study. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005, pp. 177-197. [landscape pdf]
(The next three entries are from a special issue of Philosophical Psychology (Vol 17(4), December 2004), edited by Jonathan Cohen, devoted to A Theory of Sentience:)
Feature-placing and proto-objects, Philosophical Psychology, 17(4), December 2004, 451-477. The target article. [landscape pdf]
Commentaries were by Jonathan Cohen, Joe Levine, Mohan Matthen, and Georges Rey.
Sensing, objects, and awareness: Reply to Commentators, Philosophical Psychology, 17(4), December 2004, 563-589. In the same issue as the previous. [landscape pdf]
Viccissitudes of Consciousness, Varieties of Correlates, American Journal of Psychology, Spring 2003, 128-140. [landscape pdf]
Perception, Philosophical Issues about. In Lynn Nadel (ed.), Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science, London: Macmillan Reference Ltd., 2003. Volume 3, pp. 512-517. [landscape pdf]
Some logical features of feature integration in Werner Backhaus, (ed), Neuronal Coding of Perceptual Systems, . New Jersey: World Scientific, Series on Biophysics and Biocybernetics, vol 9, 2001, ISBN 981-02-4164-X, pp 3-20. [landscape pdf]
Phenomenal consciousness so called in Werner Backhaus, (ed), Neuronal Coding of Perceptual Systems, . New Jersey: World Scientific, Series on Biophysics and Biocybernetics, vol 9, 2001, ISBN 981-02-4164-X, pp 405-422. [landscape pdf]
Color Perception in A Companion to Cognitive Science, edited by William Bechtel and George Graham. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1998.
Three varieties of visual field, Philosophical Psychology, 9(4), December 1996, 477-95. [landscape pdf]
True theories, false colors, Philosophy of Science, PSA Supplemental Issue, October 1996, S143-50. [landscape pdf]
Contemporary Problems in the Philosophy of Perception, American Journal of Psychology, 107(4), Winter 1994, 613-22. [landscape pdf]
Beliefs and Desires Incorporated, Journal of Philosophy, 91 (8), August 1994, 404-25.[landscape pdf]
Mice, Shrews, and Misrepresentation, Journal of Philosophy, 490 (6), June 1993, 290-310.
Reductionism and subjectivism defined and defended, A commentary on Thompson, Palacios & Varela. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 15 (1), 1992, 32-33.
The Particulate Instantiation of Homogeneous Pink, Synthese, 80 (2), 1989, 277-304.
"Psychofunctionalism and Chauvinism," Philosophy of Science, 53, 1986, 535-559.
Qualia and the Psychophysiological Explanation of Color Perception, Synthese, 65 (2), November 1985, 377-405.
A Physicalist Theory of Qualia, The Monist, 68 (4), October 1985, 491-506.
Spectrum Inversion and the Color Solid, Southern Journal of Philosophy, 23 (4), Winter 1985, 431-443.
“Psychological Causation and the Concept of Psychosomatic Disease,” in Douglas Stalker and Clark Glymour, (eds.) Examining Holistic Medicine. Prometheus Books, 1985, 67-106.
Seeing and Summing: Implications of Computational Theories of Vision. Cognition and Brain Theory, 7 (1), 1984, 1-23.
“Functionalism and the definition of theoretical terms.” Journal of Mind and Behavior, 4 (3), Summer 1983, 339-352.
“Hypothetical constructs, circular reasoning, and criteria.” Journal of Mind and Behavior, 4 (1), Winter 1983, 1-12.
“Factor structure and discriminant validity of the SCL-90 in a veteran psychiatric population.” (with M. J. Friedman) Journal of Personality Assessment, 47 (4), 1983, 396-404.
“Nine standardized scales for evaluating treatment outcome in a mental health clinic.” (with M. J. Friedman) Journal of Clinical Psychology, 39 (6), 1983, 939-950.

Reviews, Talks, Commentaries

Comments on William Lycan, "More layers of perceptual content". Portions presented at "Naturalized Philosophy of Mind and Language: A Conference in Honor of Ruth Garrett Millikan", University of Connecticut, 4 October 2008. [portrait pdf]
Preattentive Precursors to Phenomenal Properties. Presented at "Perception: Fundamental Questions", a workshop at Harvard University, 2 December 2006. [portrait pdf] (Caution: this pdf is 1.2 megabytes.)
How do feature maps represent? Presented at the University of Maryland Conference on Early Content, 22 April 2006. [portrait pdf] (Caution: this pdf contains some graphics, and weighs in at 1.7 megabytes.)
Classes of Sensory Classification: A Commentary on Mohan Matthen's Seeing, Doing, and Knowing. Presented at an APA Author Meets Critics Session, Portland Oregon, 24 March 2006. [portrait pdf]
Review of Valerie Hardcastle, The Myth of Pain, Mind, July 2001.
How to respond to philosophers on raw feels, presented at the John B. Pierce Laboratory, Yale University, 24 February 1997.
Sensing and reference, presented to the Department of Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center, 5 February 1997.
Review of Robert Schwartz, Vision: Variations on Some Berkeleian Themes, Philosophical Psychology, 9 (1) 1996, 147-51.
Review of Martha Farah's Visual Agnosia, Philosophical Psychology, 7(1), 1994, 126-29.
Inversions spectral and bright: A Commentary on Campbell, Society for Philosophy and Psychology, San Francisco, 31 May 1996.
I am Joe's Explanatory Gap, American Philosophical Association symposium on "Color Vision and the Explanatory Gap", Pacific Division Meeting, Los Angeles, 31 March 1994.
A subjectivist reply to spectrum inversion, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting, March 1993, San Francisco.
"Theory neutrality and thermometry", American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting, April 1993, Chicago.

Book typescripts and excerpts

Chapter 1 of "A Theory of Sentience" is available from the OUP Reading Room.
The typescript for A Theory of Sentience (landscape pdf). Caution: this is a pretty big download!

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