Philosophy 102: A Self-Paced Course in Logic

University of Connecticut, Spring 2000


Full text, unedited, of all comments written by students on the evaluation forms


UConn form A: What was the most positive aspect of the way in which this instructor taught this course?


It went along with the book


can’t think of one


Defimety the “self paced aspect” + allowing you to retake tests


Doing example ques.


Self-paced!  Very useful.  Allowed me to fit this course in among other academically challenging courses with ease!




>  Self-paced

>  Tried to keep lecture interesting w/voice & stories, slides, etc.

>  very enthusiastic


The self paced format.  I liked being able to retake tests


He was willing to take time out to answer all questions, review parts we didn’t understand and provided excellent examples


Being able to take tests over


I enjoyed the way he taught.  He tried to keep it exciting and at the same time teaching the material.  I thought he did a good job in a course that could get very confusing


Very positive about the subject.  Made the material easy to understand


Using slides and the technology in the classroom helped seeing thing in many different ways.


Kept interest in the material


The Self-Paced part.


He was very enthusiastic and made the material interesting and easy to learn


Basically his overall teaching method was awesome



ability to take tests over


He used Power Point in a very effective way to teach the material.


He made it self-paced.


he made it easy to learn without going to lecture


It wasn’t as demanding as my other courses


I loved how it was self-paced, If you didn’t understand something, the professor and TA’s would help you out.  If you could learn the material on your own, they let you do that.


He was very animated which made class fun and not go by slow.


Self paced was a good way to teach this


He explained everything clearly


First that it was self-paced, but also because he was never boring in lecture and I always enjoyed coming to class just to hear him explain the days’ topic.  I also believe that coming to lecture constantly really helped me to understand the units more easily.


He covered the material effectively.


His attitude during class.  Made the class much more enjoyable and made the subject much less “dry”


He tried to make it interesting and lecture better to go to.overlapped w/the book (Check mark)


His teaching displayed that he had a deep interest in his work.  His teaching was effective and efficient.


He was excited about the material


By allowing more freedom in a self paced course regarding tests


It was entertaining.  The lectures complemented the text nicely.


The way he used the power point, and the way he explained the concepts.


I like having the weekly unit quizzes because it was easier to keep up w/the material than having one or two large exams.


Always prepared + willing to answers during class.  Made every attempt to better program.  Great job.


His enthusiasm for the subject and when he taught it.  Used Good examples and diagrams.


Self paced and friendly staff

This course was very relaxed and made it a lot less stressful!


made info appear clear




it was self paced




The self-paced idea was new to me. 

I thought it worked very well.


He was plain & simple.  Good explainer.  Kept things in perspective.


Being able to take each test more than 1 time

Optional Class/Tests/Final/


The book that he wrote was extreamly helpful.


It was self-paced, so I could take my time, I loved it.




he was very enthusiastic about what he was teaching


He was very inthueastic in the way he presented his material


The fact that it was Self Paced


He was very energetic and amusing which made it more interesting


He is very energetic and positive about what he does


Self Paced

-No need for lectures


The textbook was very clear in what was expected of us & what the tests would be like


-The book was a great supplement to the course & very explanatory

-The Self-Paced idea was great and it made the course more fun (more stress to have to take a test) and helped me to get a better grade & understand the material better.


Used slides to help explain most w/diagrams


don’t know, I never went


UConn form B:  What can this instructor do to improve teaching effectiveness in the classroom?


Easier tests


1) Make the text clearer

2) have more to lectures than reading the book


eliminate test deadlines


Relate reality to lectures


Teaching effectiveness wasn’t a problem.  The only problem might have been for those who didn’t attend class.  But that is their problem, not Clark’s.


The practice questions did not help for exams.  I really wanted more effective study questions.


> Not much J


More power point slides would be helpful.

It was difficult sometimes to read articles on the document camera.


Make lectures more interesting.


It would be a lot more helpful if we could see our old exams (Review them & see how they were corrected) during a discussion section if not taking the text.  It seemed to me, to be very unfair that I could not see what I did wrong b/c my TA’s scheduale (Virgil) conflicted w/his.


He did a fine job


Go over how some of the excercise questions were solved


Do not use such vague or ambiguous examples when teaching or in tests.

Do not make do dictionary like definitions.


Not lecture as much on each unit b/c most of the students were ahead.


Show more examples.


Elaborate on what the text says instead of just saying the same thing.


watch out for his microphone

hitting the projector when he bends down


Make discussion times later


The material is very confusing and possibly could have been explained more clearly.


I thought he did a great job.


try not to be so wordy in the book


Focus more on exam material


Nothing, I enjoyed his lectures and the way he taught.


Probably not teach 240 kids, A smaller # would be better for him.


More testing dates would help tremendously


Stimulate Interest.


He needs no improvement


Make it more interesting + positive to come to class.


Tell people that lecture is a good way of grasping what is being taught.  Emphasize that more.


I think he needs to elaborate more on key concepts, offer alternative explanations of ideas beyond the slides.  And offer more examples of problems during lectures.


Don’t discourage people from coming to class just because it is self paced.


I did not find the lectures that helpful for preparing for the texts.  There were some days that I left more confused than when I entered.  For improvement - can the formats of the tests be announced before taking it so we have a better idea of what to study?


Not change powerpoint so quickly and indicate which slides are and aren’t in the textbook.




Explain more of the nitty gritty of how to do things--like how to diagram arguments.


Slow down just a little.


more exercises in the book.

and someway to take more than one test a week.


get rid of self-paced




slow down lectures


Nothing.  He is very enthusiastic.


I liked the way he taught.


Put in a understandable terms section in the lectures, he makes too many pointless examples and no one benefits besides getting some non pertinent info.

Clearer textbook

Allow more than 1 test/session


I honestly cannot think of anything.


Keep doing the same type of self paced format.  With no deadlines & the option to take more than 1 test a week.


encourage attendance


Include as handouts the overhead projections because sometimes he moves too fast through lecture


Somehow require more students to go to class.  Like homework.


Personally, I did not like the self paced course

I need more 1 on 1 instruction.  I think meeting with a TA a few times and then taking fewer tests would be better


Not much at all


Explicate further the stuff in the book rather than just saying what is already there.


The lectures confused me just as much as the book did.  Maybe make them less confusing.


don’t know, I never went


UConn form last question.  Use the space below to add any comments or suggestions.


1) Tests were too infrequent for a “self-paced” class

2) Tests were WAY too difficult


I think that this is the most well organized course I have ever taken, It covers every aspect:


Self-paced courses are the way to go.  They allow people who are diligent & hard workers to earn a good grade on their own terms.  Granted, some people may not benefit from this format, at least in terms of Phil 102 material.  However, most of life is “self-paced,” & this course may be just what some naieve freshman needs to kick him in the ass & tell him “life sucks, get a helmet!”  Surely, what people who slack in the course don’t learn about philosophy is more than made up for in what they will learn about how life works.  Kudos to Clark for pushing for & trying out this fantastic non-traditional course format.


He did a fine job - make the T.A’s more available


I really liked how this course was self-paced.


There should be more instructors like Austen Clark


This format needs to be more structured, so students can learn what material they’re being tested on.


All classes should be like this at the college level.


I think he did a good job teaching the course.  I found it challenging & don’t really like philosophy, but he made it interesting.


I loved this class - thank you


Phil 102 was my favorite class this semester! 

Definitely hope that it continues and others can take it.


I liked the course and I definitely feel it should be continued here at UConn.


I enjoyed this class, and Prof. Clark was an outstanding instructor.  I think the “Self-paced” idea is great.  However, I strongly feel that it should remain self paced with the “deadlines.”--too much freedom may be abused.


There were some weeks that I felt rushed to study because I was unsure of the test I would be taking with the results of the previous week only posted on Monday


I think that the exercises were helpful and they were good drills for memorizing the material.


I enjoyed it!


I really enjoyed the class.  Thanks.


more examples, clairty text book


Break it down a little more! 

like on unit 6


-my TA, Virgil, was very helpful & always available, both in and out of office hours.

-Being able to study a unit, take a test, going over the material i did poorly on & then retaking the test helped me to better understand & learn the concepts of Logic.  i felt very lucky to have been able to participate in this self paced course!



Entered by Shelly Burrelle, Administrative Assistant, Department of Philosophy

November 2000